Equality Impact Assessments

What is an Equality Impact Assessment?

An equality impact assessment is a way of systematically and thoroughly assessing, and consulting on, the effects that a service or policy is likely to have on people belonging to different equality and diversity groups – race and ethnicity, religion and faith, disability, age, gender, and sexual orientation.

Why have Equality Impact Assessments?

The main purpose of an equality impact assessment is to pre-empt the possibility that any proposed policy could affect some groups unfavourably. If appropriate, steps are taken to avoid this happening.

The process helps us to gain an understanding of the functions of the Trust and the way decisions are made by:

  • Considering the current situation
  • Deciding what is to be achieved - i.e. the objectives and intended outcomes of a function or policy
  • Considering what evidence there is to support the decision
  • Seeing where the gaps are in terms of evidence to support the decision
  • Making an informed decision
  • Reporting or publishing that decision for organisational accountability and transparency